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A Thread For Carmelo Anthony Trade Rumor Madness: 2/21/11

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Actually, here's your new thread. Most recent item of interest (with updates, old links will move below the jump.):

5:23 PM: Nothing meaningful, really, but Knicks practice just let out. Alan Hahn and Tina Cervasio twat the relevant quotes. Raymond Felton and Wilson Chandler did not speak with media and Donnie Walsh was elsewhere.

2:26 PM: Hey, the Nets are still trying to wedge their way into this!

A person familiar with the rapidly unfolding negotiations said New Jersey could be willing to send two first-round picks to Denver for Russian center Timofey Mozgov and another Knick -- perhaps Danilo Gallinari -- if those players were dealt to the Nuggets for Anthony.

How does that change anything? Isn't the answer still "No, still no Timo, and if you don't cut the nonsense, we're gonna pull Gallinari as well?". Isn't that even MORE the case now? This is beyond silly.

If the reports are true (which doesn't really matter at this point as long as the word is out there), then Prokhorov and company are doing a very good job of trying to spook the Knicks. However, if the Knicks do back out and Anthony still doesn't want to sign an extension with the Nets...then what? Does he re-sign with Denver? Does he plunge into free agency? Unless the guy has a change of heart (again, assuming that the reports about his current desires are true), aren't the Nuggets hands sort of tied? Couldn't the Nets, in fact, be making this harder for Denver so that they'll have to back down? I assume I'm missing something. Help me out.


11:41 AM: Friggin' everybody at the Post (check that byline!) reports that Carmelo Anthony will meet with the Nets today to tell them whether or not he'd sign an extension in New Jersey (why that requires a meeting, I have no idea). The way I see it, three things can come of this:

1. Most likely, somebody else shoots this report down. It'll be something to the tune of "Melo WON'T meet with the Nets" or "Melo will meet with the Nets but WON'T tell them whether or not he'll sign" or "Melo will meet with the Nets to tell him whether or not he'll sign an extension with the ASTROS!".

2. Melo meets with the Nets and tells them he'll agree to an extension if traded. Everything everybody has said up to this point makes that seem unlikely, but everybody tends to be wrong.

3. Melo meets with the Nets and tells them he won't sign an extension. It's possible that the Nets would still accept a trade (or "rental" in the eerily detached parlance of the media), but it's more likely that the Nuggets would be forced to either keep him for the rest of the season or turn back to the Knicks. If they do call up the Knicks again, it'd probably make sense for New York to offer Timofey Mozgov.


And ONLY Timofey Mozgov.


2:28This recent update by Marc J. Spears includes Renaldo "Humpty" Balkman. Oh, indeed.


12:47 AM- If you're behind on all this, then don't even bother to catch up. Just wait until the end. But if you MUST, Howard Beck's recent piece in the Times is an excellent summary.


12:10 AM- Ken Berger:

@ says he did not give, nor did ask him for, a commitment to sign an extension with them.

Melo reiterated that the have "been knowing since day one" where he would and wouldn't sign.

So, you'll have to pry Timofey Mozgov from our cold, dead hands...right?