Hated losing Gallo, but...

Just like we wouldn't have been able to afford Will in 2011 FA, we wouldn't be able to keep Gallo in 2012. Not and get an all-star caliber point guard.

Remember the Heat had to just give Beasley away when they signed their trio.

If the plan is three max players (and I doubt they'll be able to do that after the next CBA lowers the cap), then you better be prepared for life with marginal, minimum salary role players. Semi-star players like Gallo and Will are not affordable after their first go in free agency.

I seriously hope Donnie stays around, because we need to do a great job bottom fishing like he did when he found Shawne (and when Riley found Starks and Mason). From here on out, we talk Barron, not Gasol. We talk Jeffries and not Mayo.

Thank God we found Fields...