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The Knicks are still searching for another big man.

Update: Alan Hahn's sources say Jared Jeffries will sign with the Knicks (presumably at the expense of Renaldo Balkman, Roger Mason Jr., or Anthony Carter) as soon as is legal. Word.

Now that the deadline has come and gone, Donnie Walsh can turn his attention to free agents hovering on the fringes of the league. Earl Barron is one guy whose name keeps coming up and another, according to Marc Berman, could be Jared Jeffries:

With the NBA trade deadline passed, the Rockets have agreed to a buy out former Knicks forward Jared Jeffries, according to two sources.

The sides were working on the arrangement. Jeffries' contract expires after this season.

The Knicks, desperate for a big man after the Carmelo Anthony trade cost them 7-1 Timofey Mozgov, see 6-11 Jeffries as an option. Mike D'Antoni said he thought Jeffries fit in as the perfect defensive glue-guy last season.

Berman doesn't say much to suggest that the Knicks are pushing all that hard for Jeffries just yet (which is understandable. He probably hasn't even been officially waived yet), but we do know that D'Antoni likes Mr. Jared and has found a role for him in the past. So, Barron, Jeffries, and Jerome Jordan are all names worth considering. Anybody else you guys would like to see the Knicks pursue to add some height? Do we all agree that center is the biggest area of need? Who could/should be dropped to add such a player? Could it please not be Renaldo Balkman? Are any of you guys really tall? Do you guys prefer angel's food or devil's food? Have any of you ever been to Panama? Is there a cool way for me to lace my boots that doesn't require that I constantly tie and untie them?