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Game Thread: Knicks at Cavaliers- 2/25/11

Evening, sluggers. I'm putting this thread up kinda early because I am SO excited to see the new-look Knicks get back to the court after Wednesday's win over the Bucks. I'm dying to see how these kids look with some practice time behind them. Before a couple of very difficult road match-ups in Miami in Orlando coming, tonight should be the opportunity for the guys to stretch their legs and feel each other out without having to worry about blowing the game. I italicize should because it looks fancy, but also because the Knicks already lost in Cleveland once this year. Anything can happen, even with Carmelo Anthony. Oh, and I'm very excited to see which new benchbros get to spin as well.

Also, apologies for no pre-game recon. That feature might not be back for a couple of games because my next few days are especially busy.

Anyway, comment here, check out Fear the Sword, and eat nutritious dinners. Can't wait to bro out with y'all at 7:30.