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Jared Jeffries will sign with the Knicks on Tuesday.

Update: (8:35): Now everybody's reporting that Kelenna Azubuike will be waived. Is this an "also" situation " or an "instead of" situation with regards to Corey Brewer? Sounds like Brewer is still out the door. Who else besides Jeffires are the Knicks looking to sign with an extra roster spot?

Update (5:00): Corey Brewer will be the odd man out.

Our old friend Jared Jeffries, he of the long-limbed defense and perpetually quizzical expression, will rejoin the Knicks after clearing waivers, reports the Daily News. Jeffries, who hasn't seen much burn since being dealt to the Rockets a year ago, was bought out by Houston last week and will officially become a free agent tomorrow night (but not in time to suit up for New York's game in Orlando). Mike D'Antoni's roster currently stands at fifteen players, which means somebody will have to go:

Jeffries should be in uniform on Wednesday against New Orleans. In order to create a roster spot for Jeffries, the Knicks will have to cut a player. The most likely candidate is former lottery pick Shelden Williams, who came over from Denver in the Carmelo Anthony trade. Renaldo Balkman - another piece in the Anthony deal - is the second most likely candidate to be released.

It's curious that a team wanting for defense and rebounding would count two capable energy bros among its dispensable. I guess D'Antoni only has so much room for guys who do their work without scoring, and Jeffries would immediately gobble up a lot of those minutes upon arriving. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Jared's starting at center by next week. What this means for a potential Earl Barron (or, if you're so inclined, Mike Bibby) acquisition remains to be seen.