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Hahn: Knicks Interested In Aaron Brooks

Aaron Brooks, eh? Nothing is imminent and there's no need to hyperventilate just yet, but when Alan Hahn reports something, I listen. This ain't some national media blowhard teasing us. Anyway, here's the report:

A source with knowledge of the situation said the Rockets "are going to try hard" to move Brooks before the Feb. 24 trade deadline. A separate source confirmed that the Knicks are interested.

Brooks will make $2 million this season and will be a restricted free agent. The Rockets could consider taking injured guard Kelenna Azubuike 's expiring contract with a $3.3-million salary that is eligible to have 80 percent covered by insurance. The Rockets might not look for a rotation player in return, especially with backcourt minutes to split between Kyle Lowry , Kevin Martin and Courtney Lee . Rookie Ishmael Smith also is in the mix.

Brooks, of course, has been beefing with the Houston coaching staff a bit, and will probably be moved no matter what. It's not clear exactly what it would take to get him, but jeebus knows the Knicks need some help at point guard. The fact that he's an RFA should decrease his value, so that's neat.