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Mike D'Antoni and John Tortorella are bros.

I love stuff like this. Mike D'Antoni and New York Rangers coach John Tortorella have plenty in common: they're both Italian, bewhiskered, and bipedal, and they both coach middle-of-the-pack Eastern Conference teams under constant scrutiny. Oh, and their offices are rather close to one another. "Pringles" and-- um, what snack mascot does Tortorella resemble? Chester Cheetah? Sure.-- haven't had much time to bro out together, but it's totally in the cards. The Post's Tim Bontemps reports:

"I've heard so many great things about him, and he's someone I'd like to get to know. We just really haven't had much of a chance to sit down and get into that stuff because we're both going 100 miles an hour during the season."

The two men may coach different teams in different sports, but they both know what it's like to experience the highs and lows that come with coaching under the Garden's bright lights.

"I see him during the day, and when things are going well, they're going well," Tortorella said. "And when they're going bad, we talk it out a little bit."

"We commiserate at times," D'Antoni said. "He's a great guy and a great coach. He lives pretty close to me out in Westchester, so we'll probably hook up for some dinners."