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Knicks claim Derrick Brown off waivers

Jonathan Abrams hath twat:

Knicks will sign Derrick Brown, claimed off waivers from Charlotte

This one is completely under the radar but many people feel Derrick Brown has a ton of potential. He's a 23 year old 6'7" swingman who's shooting really well at 56.5 TS%.


Ben Swanson of Rufus on Fire is tweeting some thoughts on the neophyte:

What you need to know about Derrick Brown: when he gets the ball, he wants to get to the hoop. So he does. His jumper needs a lot of work

But he doesn't take that many mid-long range jumpers. His defense is decent. It can be very good at times, especially man D.

As for rebounding, it's not great. The Bobcats tried to play him at the 4 a good bit, which he doesn't really have the size for.

Don't expect him to be too polished though right now. He got [redacted] rookie minutes last year (and this year) so he's still bound to err

Sounds like a classic flyer.