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Game Thread: Knicks at Mavericks- 3/10/11

Evening, dust busters. We've got a late start tonight (9:30 on TNT, not MSG), but I figured I'd put the thread up now for those of you who are lounging and watching Lakers-Heat like I am. After that, it'll be our Knicks and Mavs, which is a match-up between two teams who each had to play right up to the buzzer last night. Should be interesting.

Gian's going to take care of your recap this evening, which promises to be excellent. I'm actually going to be in and out of the game thread because I'll be doing a zany game-long chat for the Knicks' website (I don't have a link yet, but it'll be somewhere around here). Feel free to open another tab and keep me company, and bring dessert if you do. I'm almost out of peanut butter M&Ms. If you've got some Skittles or gummy worms or something, that'd be ideal.

Wait, where were we? Oh yeah, I was making excuses for my absence. Yeah, I'm also subbing in at NY Magzeen tomorrow, so I'll have a short recap of tonight's game up there in the morning. I should probably sleep at some point, too.

Okay, I'll shut up. Enjoy the game, comment here, and check out Mavs Moneyball for all things McCain-esque. <3.