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Thursday Bonteboks


Photo: Thomas Scoch

Good day, wanderers. I'm headed into the city this afternoon, eventually to catch the game with our very own Bernard King's Game Face (!). In the meantime, here are some links to feast upon while you dawdle at the office or zone out at school or just browse the internet from your alpine sex hovel.

- Bonteboks, like their relative blesboks, are really baller-looking antelopes that now exist only in national parks, reserves, and farms. They make funny little babies.

- Caleb of Knickerblogger gives a nice, clean breakdown (both in the comprehensible sense and in the family-friendly sense) of the Knicks' efficiency pre-and post-Melo trade. Basically, slower, with more efficient offense and disastrously inefficient defense.

- Speaking of that defense, Carmelo Anthony has some vague complaints to offer.

- Zach Lowe narrows the focus a little bit regarding said defense.

- Of importance to those of you who like to read Howard Beck, Jonathan Abrams and the Off The Dribble blog as much as I do: the Times is setting up a (pretty loose) paywall.

- I'm mostly just happy for the guys who went to the Nuggets, but I can see why this would sting a little. To be fair, Denver hasn't had to play the Cavaliers and Pacers twice apiece. [Vomits]

- Over at ESPNW (don't worry, I checked for cooties), the excellent Adena Andrews wrote two Knicks-related pieces: One thorough beatdown of James Dolan over next year's ticket prices and one look at the softer side of Charles Oakley (yes, that second piece actually has words in it). If I'm reading this correctly, Charles likes to drink Pepsi and wine simultaneously. Innovative!

- A very nice piece on the rise of Shawne Williams. Too few uses of the word "poop" for my liking, but it's still a great post.

- My dog is sitting on the floor, staring at a patch of refracted light as if it holds some sort of answer. Prediction: Knicks 110, Grizzlies 101.

That'll be all for now!. There will be a game thread auto-posted for your pleasure this evening. Enjoy your days!