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Game Thread: Knicks vs. Nets- 3/30/11

Evening, jimadores. It'll be the Knicks and Nets tonight at 7:30 at Madison Square Garden. Shelden Williams is starting for the Knicks, and it sounds like Deron Williams is gonna suit up for the Nets. D-Will vs. She-Will, y'all.

Uhhh, I also wrote a little something about the game (and the month in general) over here if you're bored or need something to tab over to when your mom walks in on you masturbating.

This is your game thread, and this is Nets Daily. Important preemptive note: I encourage you to comment there and I encourage Nets fans to comment here, but please be respectful to one another. If Netfolks, friendly or not, come over here, either engage them politely or ignore them/flag them if they're trolls. If you go over there and troll, I will ban you from P&T. I'm sure this won't actually be a problem, but just putting it out there so y'all know.

A win over the Nets would be verrrrry nice heading into this mini break. Go Knicks!