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Game Thread: Knicks at Hawks- 3/6/11

Good afternoon, moonpies. Our beloved Knicks are in the home of the pimps and the money makers this evening. They'll be facing the Hawks, who have beat New York twice already this season (and lost to them once, in the last game B.C.A.). A few storylines at play here:

1. Chauncey Billups is still hurting and might not play.

2. Toney Douglas's birthday bash was last night, so a few guys were probably up way past their bedtimes. I'm sure these guys enjoy nighttime pleasures frequently and that this will have no effect on anything...but if Toney, Landry Fields, and Shawne Williams bobble a few passes, air-ball some chip shots, or vomit all over the scorer's table, you'll know what the deal is.

3. The seventhth seed Sixers, who play the Warriors tonight, are just half a game behind the Knicks.

And there you have it. This is a kind of important game between two teams who have developed a bit of a rivalry this season. Should be a hoot! See y'all at 6:30.