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The Knicks are the sixth seed. (UPDATE: ...and will be playing the Celtics in the first round.)

Update: The Celtics just lost, which means they're the third seed and will face the Knicks in the first round. You can thank Jordan Crawford for that.

My team of trained badgers that know math is on holiday this week, but Chris Sheridan's own group of intelligent woodland creatures hard at work today. In a post over at the ESPN Knicks spot, Sheridan said the following:

If the Sixers lose tonight, the Knicks will be set at No. 6 and will have nothing to play for Tuesday night vs. Chicago and Wednesday vs. Boston.

And...the Sixers lost, so if Sheridan isn't fooling us, the Knicks are officially locked into the sixth seed (funny that the Sixers should be responsible for cementing the Knicks in the sixth spot. That's what they're for, isn't it? No? Not funny?). Whether or not (or, perhaps, how much) D'Antoni chooses to rest his mans on Tuesday and Wednesday remains to be seen. The Celtics are currently the third seed, but they're beating the Wizards (even with most of their bros resting) as I write this. Miami, the current number 2 (both as in the second seed and as in poop), is up on the Hawks with just a few minutes left. I'll update this post as results come in.

UPDATE: Heat win, Celtics are headed to OT.