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A Deluge of Links and Sundry Thoughts Regarding Knicks-Celtics

As predicted, I don't know what to do with myself right now. I am paralyzed with pre-playoff excitement. Re-watching some old Youtube friends only made it worse. My self-placation technique is to just read everything I can get my eyeballs on, then overwhelm myself into a coma. I figured I might as well share the experience. After the jump, you'll find some things to look at.

- Obviously, I've been staring at HoopData stats all day, dwelling mainly on the fact that the Celtics are almost as bad at rebounding as the Knicks are. They also foul quite a bit, which should behoove the Knicks, who shoot well from the line. 

- Tom Ziller makes the tantalizing observation that the Celtics and Knicks have pretty much the same record since the All-Star break.

- Oh, this week's Power Rankings are up. I talked about individual match-ups, mostly without a clue how they'd actually shake out.

- On that note, how do you guys think the Knicks' three-headed center position stacks up against the Celtics? I assume Shelden Williams will start, but how would you delegate minutes? Who matches up well with who? (Whom? Womb?). Keep in mind that Shaquille O'Neal will be in the house.

- Jamie O'Grady breaks down the forthcoming Chauncey Billups-Rajon Rondo match-up. It's silly, but Billups's late-game stand against Darren Collison gave me a little bit of hope on this front. He moved really well.

- Carmelo Anthony is not Nostradamus. This is Carmelo Anthony. This is Nostradamus.  The former is not the latter. Neither is a beet. This is a beet. Note that it is neither Nostradamus, nor Carmelo Anthony.

- I think stingy linked this before, but this Marc Berman article in the Post is chock full of Chauncey Billups insight. Selections like this are basketboner-inducing:

Billups, the lone Knick with a championship ring, pores over game film with a fervor that would make most football coaches blush, studying his opponent's tendencies to the last detail. Soon Billups may be seeing Rajon Rondo in his sleep.

Billups forgoes traditional water breaks during practice to shoot extra free throws. He almost always gives a speech in the locker room before each playoff game.

"It's just magnified 20 times," Billups told The Post about his extra playoff film work. "You watch every little thing that your opponent could be doing and try to beat them to the punch, try to know what they're doing before they make the play. It's hard to do, but it's necessary to be as prepared as possible."

- How awkward is this Knicks-Celtics game on Wednesday going to be? I guess 15 out of 17 on the Awkward Scale.

- Should I be, like, not wearing green or something? Should I strangle a leprachaun?

And that's it for right now. I might update this. Knicks-Bulls is coming soon. There won't be a pre-game recon, but there'll be a thread and recap and stuff, even though it hardly counts. AHHHH!!!!