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The Knicks will start the playoffs on Sunday night, in orange socks.

First of all, the Knicks and Celtics tip off on Sunday night at 7 PM. I'M SO EXCITED. Now, of the utmost importance...

The Knicks' shaved heads were one of my elementary school self's favorite parts of the mid-'90s playoff runs. Even in some ugly moments, they looked cool as HELL. I was kind of hoping they'd bring that tradition back this time around, but alas, it is no more. They do have something planned, though. Via Alan Hahn:

I'll share a small bit of news on this front that was initially passed to me last night that I was able to later confirm: the Knicks will be doing a little something different with their playoff look. While black socks/black sneakers are a given (and no longer a special thing because everyone's doing it), at home games the Knicks will wear orange socks.

Yes, orange.

We all know how much I love orange. And when I say love, I mean absolutely hate. Orange socks were ordered and just arrived at the Garden on Tuesday. The expectation is that the Knicks will be rocking orange socks for Game 3 at the Garden.

Perhaps the only fitting characteristic about orange in this case is that it clashes with green, and, well, isn't the the idea?

(One note before we move on: Bill Walker thinks barber's clippers are "unsanitary".)

Like Hahn, I am pretty anti-orange. My high school's lacrosse team or football team or something used to wear all orange (we were also orange and blue) for big games, and it didn't look the least bit intimidating. It just made me hungry for cheez doodles. I'm in favor of chromatic solidarity, though, and I just might buy some orange socks m'self. If I may, though, some other ideas:

- Goggles for everybody!

- No shoes.

- No socks.

- No showering.

- Capes.

- Full-body orange spandex.

- Everybody get eye stitches like Carmelo Anthony!

- Mouths covered in cake frosting.

- Facial tattoos of Olive Oyl.

- Fu Man-pubes.

- Point Break-esque masks.

- Sweater boots.

- All green. Camouflage!

- Aladdin Sane face paint.

- Fezzes.

- Wear each other's numbers. Put Jared Jeffries in #1 so he draws double teams!

No? Fine. Orange socks it is. OH MY GOD I'M SO EXCITED.