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Open Playoff Thread: 4/16/11

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The Playoffs begin today. The Knicks play tomorrow. Thus, we get one full day to enjoy postseason basketball without sweating and pulling our eyelashes out. Some steps to follow.

1. Get AMPED.

2. Prepare several snacks.

3. Watch the games:

Pacers vs. Bulls at 1:00 (ESPN) (Indy Cornrows, Blog-a-Bull)

76ers vs. Heat at 3:30 (ABC) (Liberty Ballers, Peninsula is Mightier)

Hawks vs. Magic at 7:00 (ESPN) (Peachtree Hoops, Orlando Pinstriped Post)

Blazers vs. Mavericks at 9:30 (ESPN) (BlazersEdge, Mavs Moneyball)

4. Prepare more snacks.

5. Comment here if you like!

6. Email me some of your snacks.

7. Go to bed at a reasonable hour.