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Game Day Youtube Therapy

Hey look at that! I still exist! I haven't posted anything in a long time for various reasons, but I'll get to that later (probably not, though). As you may be able to tell from the time, I am extremely antsy, nervous, and pumped for tonight's game simultaneously. I tried all morning to walk around my campus and smile at people I know, but the Game One loss has been in my head all day. It has been replaying over and over; the great first half, the outstanding defensive effort against the most efficient offense in basketball, the regular "halftime feeling of impending doom," the subsequent collapse, the many "Wow, they could pull this out!" moments that threw my brain back to mid-December mode, the dunks, the offensive foul, the non-offensive foul, and 1-11. I even had enough time and psychosis to remember that Bill Walker outplayed Paul Pierce in the first quarter of last night's game!

It's been so drilled into my brain that I can't sleep and all I've been doing to remedy the situation is watching "Parks & Recreation" (which, to be honest with you, seems like a rip-off of The Office), and looking up youtube videos. Not particularly great youtube videos, as is customary for 4am, but ones that have been popping into my brain as a byproduct of constant this constant "Knicks in 60" Nightmare that's parading across the inside of my eyelids like a gaggle of teenagers on mischief night (a murder of teenagers? A rhumba of teenagers? I'm sure Seth is going to suggest "parliament"). I feel as though some of you may be reading this at work tomorrow/today with a little preoccupation yourselves. For this reason, I present to you twelve Knicks-related Youtube videos, from this season and beyond, that may give you a more peaceful perspective on the upcoming second game of the series. Well, either peaceful or far, far more malicious. I'm all about polarity!


1. New York Knicks- Take me home (FULL SONG) with some highlights (via hammy757)

2. Allan Houston Hits Ten (10) Consecutive 3-Point Shots (via gospelengine)

3. Clutch and insane 3 pointers by Eddy and Ruben (via Aseldo)

4. Zach Randolph: Where Will Amazing Happen This Year? (via idclip5)

5. Jamal Crawford - 52 points against the Heat (via sauhadjj3)

6. David Lee buzzer beating tip in (via knickknack07)

7. Amar'e Stoudemire "The Knicks Are Back" HD (via rebornatm23)

8. MSG Promo Landry Fields "Not Expected" (via knickerbockerplease)

9. Bill Walker thinks Lebron James sucks. (via fatty4classicKSUbal)

10. Anthony Carter hangs and hits the game winner! (via NBA)

11. Carmelo Anthony Scores 33 Points in One Quarter (via PickAxeAndRoll)

12. Amar'e Stoudemire Elevates & Detonates Over KG & Jermaine O'Neal (2011 NBA Playoffs) 4/17/11 (via NYKnicksJay)

Explanations for the videos seemed a little unnecessary, so I left them out. I included some that make me happy, some that make me believe our 6th seed is unstoppable, some that make my head hurt (those are usually from around 2008 or so, when I actually fucking thought Allan Houston might make the team out of training camp and sink some threes), and some that make me appreciate how far the Knicks have truly come.

I'm sure Seth has things to say tomorrow, and Gian probably does too! But because the Knicks being in the playoffs is such an alien feeling to me, I could only sit and watch youtube clips to yin out my yang. Also, let this sink in: Because it was created in 2005, Youtube had yet to see a non-retrospective Knicks playoff clip prior to that Stoudemire facial on Garnett and O'Neal. All Youtube videos that depicted men in Knicks gear playing in a tournament situation were archival since its genesis.

Let's break that shit in tonight, huh? Go Knicks.