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7SoM: Webisode 29, Jared Jeffries' Defense

Jared Jeffries is perhaps second to Carmelo Anthony as the most polarizing player on the Knicks' roster. He's the team's most versatile and (since Ronny Turiaf is forever injured) best defender but his box scores are generally empty and he has the hand strength of Hanson. His purpose is often misunderstood and, on nights like Game 2 when he flubs the final possession, it's easy to make him the scapegoat.

That makes for good, angry radio talk but truth is the game wouldn't have been competitive without his defensive contributions. For the series, with Jeffries on the floor, the Celtics' offensive rating (points per 100 possessions) is 97.8. That's a full 8.4 points less than their season average. For comparison's sake, they only score 0.5 points less when Turiaf's in the game. And during the regular season the C's were 15 points off their average with Jeffries on the floor. That is an astronomical number that translates to game tape.