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Friday Impostors


I'm no Seth Rosenthal, so I don't feel comfortable choosing another mammal to throw up (not vomit), but I will give you a mammalian impostor and a couple of game day lynx (anyone? anyone? this thing on?). Don't expect them to be as good, and prepare to feel dirty post-click.

  • Mr. Beck on the latest injury news, which seems to indicate that Stoudemire may play, Billups probably will not. No matter who plays and who does not, a combined 5-27 between Bully and Ghostface must be avoided at all costs.
  • According to SLAM, those of us who aren't lucky enough to attend tonight's game will have the pleasure of watching two former Knicks greats, Earl Monroe and Bernard King, on MSG! I'm anticipating King to compare Carmelo Anthony to himself, as much as I am anticipating Earl Monroe to compare himself to a beautiful, shiny pearl.
  • Plainly and simply: The Knicks Blog
  • Ian O'Connor's story about what The Original Captain thinks of the injuries to Stoudemire and Billups.
  • Another pertinent ESPNNY story, this one with a hilarious headline.
  • Some guy named "Evans Clinchy" talked to Ray Allen about Madison Square Garden.
That's all for now. Hey guys? Madison Square Garden playoff basketball happens tonight! More stuff later, probably, including the thread, recap, and probably involuntary urination on my part. See you then!