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Game Three Thread: Celtics at Knicks- 4/22/11

Good Evening, octogenarians. Tonight marks the first playoff game in Madison Square Garden since 2004, and its circumstances are of the "Must-Win" variety. The above video was recorded in MSG during the same year the Knicks won their last NBA Championship, and it's probably my second or third favorite Led Zeppelin song of all time, so it's nice to have an excuse to post it.

Billups is most likely out, but Amar'e Stoudemire is taking warm-up shots as I type this! This is the CelticsBlog, visit if you are so inclined! If you do, however, be civil and gracious, win or lose. This is it ladies and gentlemen. The Garden will rock, hopefully the Knicks will roll, and I will continue to write garbage sports writing cliches. That's Amar'e!

I'm a wreck. Tip-off's at 7. Let's do this!

Update (6:25): Billups will sit via Beck