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7SoM: Webisode 30, Ray Allen Gets Open

It's difficult to overstate just how incredible Ray Allen has been through the first three games of the series. While the Knicks slowed him down for stretches early in Game 1, he's all but run amok since, making 15 threes and shooting an absurd eFG% of 84%. As the Celtics carpet bombed the Knicks from three-point territory in Game 3, Jeff Van Gundy was repeatedly befuddled by the amount of times Ray Allen got open looks. He and Paul Pierce seemingly hit every spot up opportunity that came their way and a quick look at the stats reveals just how accurate the bombings were. The Celtics had 28 spot up plays scoring 1.32 points per possession (PPP) while hitting 7 of 12 three-point attempts. They also took 12 shots off screens scoring 1.67 PPP and hitting 3 of 4 threes. I think we can guess who caused the damage considering Allen and Pierce were the only guys in green to make any shots from downtown that game. But it all starts with getting open and for that we go to the tape.

The Knicks aren't going to figure this Ray Allen problem out by this afternoon. The rest of the league hasn't got it down yet and it's been 14 years already. Let's just pray that he's drained cause getting up for a 3:30 tip should feel like waking up from the dead for Mr. Shuttlesworth.