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The Donnie Walsh speculation begins.

The basketball season has ended, which means its just about time for the management season to begin. We've already got our first budding rumor. From Ken Berger of CBS:

Walsh, 69, has an option for the 2011-12 season to be exercised by April 30, but the more likely scenario is a two-year extension that would keep the architect of the Knicks' revival at the helm through the critical next phase of the rebuilding plan. If the option is not picked up, Walsh's contract expires June 30.

"It's basically going to be Donnie's call whether he wants to come back," said the person with knowledge of the organization's intentions.

Hasty as it may be for these rumors to emerge hours after Game 4's final buzzer, (and I'd love a few quiet days to ease into the offseason) April 30th is Saturday. This is a set of decisions that might get made rather quickly. We'll be watching this story's growth as the rest of the playoffs unfold.

I'd be delighted if Donnie stuck around, personally. I hope he feels the same way.