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The Donnie Walsh situation may be resolved soon.

For the better, too! The New York Post reports that, after some meetings and a bit of negotiation, Donnie Walsh should be re-signed as Knicks president in the near future. From Marc Berman of the Post:

The Knicks had no official word about Walsh's status but still have not made him available to the media for his customary postseason session, and likely will not schedule such a gathering until Walsh's future is officially determined. Though Saturday is the deadline for the option on his final contract year, Walsh could instead sign a two-year extension, and that is what's likely to happen.

As Howard Beck reports, the main item up for negotiation may be Walsh's freedom from medddling as captain of the ship, (Dolan is the quarter master, maybe?) which was publicly brought into question around the time that half the rotation got shipped away in the Carmelo Anthony deal.

Walsh wants reassurance that he will have full autonomy on basketball decisions — a promise Dolan made when he hired him three years ago. Although Walsh has generally called the shots, there have been notable exceptions.

(Dolan's attempts to hire Isiah Thomas, the reported Melo-meddling, probably the choice of music on "Friday Night Knicks".)

Anyway, these are good things, yes? I'm one of many that feels Walsh is the right man for the job with the best feel for the roster he's assembled. Over three full seasons, I've gained a ton of confidence in and respect for Walsh as somebody who knows what he's doing, has the respect of his colleagues, and desperately wants to govern a winning ball club. I think that's somebody worth keeping around, and it sounds like Dolan, for all his foibles, feels that way too. Which means we have something in common. Weird.