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Game Thread: Knicks vs. Cavaliers- 4/3/11

Good day, hatchlings! The Knicks and Cavs don't tip off until 6 PM, but I figured I might as well get the thread going since there's plenty to talk about. For one, the Cavs have for some reason been New York's foremost adversary this season. They'll need to figure out how to contain Baron Davis and Ramon Sessions and outwork big dudes like J.J. Hickson and Samardo Samuels if they wish to avoid the season sweep. This isn't a problem for other teams, but it's New York's unicorn.

Meanwhile, if the Knicks DO figure things out and the Bobcats lose to the Wizards, it'll lock the Knicks into their first playoff berth since 2004. The clinching is inevitable, but I'm still gonna flip out when it happens.

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