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Wednesday Black Squirrel Monkeys


Photo: Cláudio Timm

Good afternoon, squires. Wanna eat some links? They're good for you. Lots of antioxidants.

Take the jump.

- Black squirrel monkey babies eat bugs that are almost as big as they are.

- Via the indispensable Sports Illustrated Vault twitter, here's Clyde lookin' fly on public transit. The guy on his left looks like Prop Joe.

- There's pretty much nothing here, but Marc Berman throws Bryan Colangelo's name into the pile of folks who might replace Donnie Walsh, should he leave. He shouldn't leave.

- Also from that article: Andy Rautins's knee surgery means he's done for the year. : (

- Here's Brian Cronin on a verrrrry bad stretch run.

- The '10-'11 Knicks and...Sunny Day Real Estate! Great piece.

- Landry Fields, about last night:

"Tonight I wanted to come in, not really worry about anything, get back to actually just having fun out there and making plays," said Fields, who agreed with D’Antoni’s assessment that he lacked confidence.

- Shoals' long awaited piece on the Knicks, "The City Game", and the Jews is up at Tablet.

That's it for now! Pre-game festivities coming later on.