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Game Thread: Knicks at Nets- 4/8/11

Good day, acrobats. I'm putting up tonight's game thread early because I, like many of you, am headed 2 tha spot for the P&T Game-Viewing Party this evening. For those of you not joining us, this'll be your Knicks-Nets thread as New York looks to sweep the season series with New Jersey and nab that 41st win. Who knows who'll be playing for either team? Does it matter?

As always, be kind to one another and to Nets fans. This is Nets Daily, which is a lovely blog. They're adults over there, so please don't go spouting obscenities or causing trouble. And Nets fans, you're welcome to come hang out, but bear in mind that we're a sensitive bunch and got a collective "N: Needs work" in the "Plays well with others" column. Peace, please.