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Monday Bengal Foxes


Photo: A.T. Vanak

Good day, oysters! I hope this post finds you all in excellent moods and circumstances. After the jump, you can click on some links to things about the Knicks.

The jump, of course, is the thing you click right under this sentence to read the rest of the post.

- Above is a Bengal fox. Right here is its skull!

- Charlie Zegers notes that the Knicks are getting divorced from their D-League affiliate, the Springfield Armor. (That meddling Prokhorov!). It'd be cool if, like is mentioned in the post, New York established an affiliate of their own. D'Antoni and Walsh have hardly made use of the D-League, though, so it seems unlikely.

- One of our own makes the case for keeping D'Antoni, at least for a little bit.

- Knickerblogger's crew speaks on the same topic, and also free agency.

- By the way, that April 30th deadline came and went, which is probably good news. We still await official word that Donnie Walsh is back on board.

- David Aldridge is working his way up the ladder with his Draft rankings by position. He's not at centers yet, but the other spots are well worth reading.

- These fine folks interviewed me about the state of the Knicks.

- I couldn't get through more than a few minutes because I really can't stand people shouting about sports, but Jared Jeffries went on the radio to talk about things. The parts about D'Antoni are probably interesting if you can stomach the noise.

That's it for the moment! Behave yourselves!