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Mockmongling: 5/24/11

Good day, senators. It's been a while since y'all and I spoke in earnest. I've been attending to this here blog, the playoffs, and Knicks news to some degree, but have been largely preoccupied with college graduation and all the nonsense therein. That's over with, so it's time (for me) to begin draft season in earnest. Viva_morrison and others have contributed excellent profiles of draft prospects over the last couple of weeks. I used to do that myself, but realized that some people actually watch college basketball now and then and won't be limited to just parroting mock drafts and frisbeeing Youtube videos at you. Viva (hey, can I call you by your real name, viva_morrison? I'd like to.) and his colleagues are just that, and I'm learning quite a bit from the Know the Prospect series. So, while those bros lend insight on the prospects, I guess I'll pick up my yearly tradition of compiling my favorite *~*~EXPERT~*~* predictions for our beloved Knicks. Let's mongle!

Who various mock drafts have the Knicks selecting with their 17th pick:

Draft Express (Jonathan Givony et al.): Kenneth Faried

SB Nation: (Ghostface Ziller): Klay Thompson

HoopsHype/ (Aran Smith): Darius Morris

Sporting News (Sean Deveny): Darius Morris

Sports Illustrated (Sam Amick): Jordan Hamilton

CBS (Dave Del Grande): Chris Singleton

HoopsWorld: Malcolm Lee

HoopSpeak (netw3rk): Anybody but Kenneth Faried.

My dog, Betsy, presented with a list of early entrants: Reggie Jackson (of the seniors, she prefers Kenneth Faried)

In years past, mock drafts have homed in on just a few guys, even this early in the year. This year, the Knicks are riddled with holes at various positions and the draft class is sort of sketchy and unpredictable. The local media have already fingered quite a few guys of interest. Now I'm all giggly, so we'll end this post here.