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Workout Schedule For Tuesday

Via TKB's Tommy Dee:

DeMonte Harper, G, 6-4, 195, Morehead State, senior

John Holland, G, 6-5. 205, Boston University, senior

Rick Jackson, F. 6-9, 240, Syracuse, senior

Malcolm Lee, G, 6-5, 200, UCLA, junior

Sam Muldrow, F, 6-9, 229, South Carolina, junior

Julyan Stone, G, 6-7, 200, UTEP, senior

None of these folks are likely first round picks, with Lee being (to my knowledge) the best of the bunch as a projected early second-rounder.. On the other hand, at least half of them sound like Civil War generals and/or hard-boiled detectives, which bodes well for all parties.

I hope everybody's having a pleasant Memorial Day weekend! Behave yourselves!