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Toney Douglas had surgery on his right shoulder.

(Also, Toney Douglas apparently needed right shoulder surgery.) Remember how Toney Douglas had those nagging but vague shoulder injuries that visibly bugged him all season and occasionally hampered his ability to DWTDD? Remember how his jump shot occasionally disappeared and how he often ran through screens with an expression of unmitigated agony? Well, it turns out he had a torn labrum in that right shoulder. It got untorn today. Alan Hahn:

The New York Knicks say guard Toney Douglas had surgery on his right shoulder and could be sidelined four months.

The procedure Wednesday was to repair a torn labrum. The team says the surgery, performed by team orthopedist Dr. Answorth Allen at the Hospital for Special Surgery, was successful.

The Knicks said the expected recovery time was 12 to 16 weeks.

Recall that Eddy Curry tore his labrum a month before the '07-'08 season started, didn't get surgery, and was ready to go in time for the season opener. I'm not really sure why I asked you to recall that. I suppose I just wanted to remind us all of the other time we collectively cared about somebody's labrum.

Anyway, this is good news on at least two fronts. First and foremost, Toney had successful surgery and should be back well in time for training camp and the like. Second and aftmost, we can spend the entire summer dismissing all criticisms of TD by attributing any of his struggles to that busted ligament. Meanwhile, any of his virtuous deeds (nine three-pointers in a game!) can be celebrated for their unassailable grit. SUCCESS!

Get well soon, Toney!