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Givony: Knicks Fancy Bismack Biyombo

Out of context, "Knicks Fancy Bismack Biyombo" sounds like code for something, doesn't it? In this case, it's code for the rumor that the Knicks have quite a bit of interest in Congolese swat-monster Bismack Biyombo. The rumor comes from Jonathan Givony, the internet's lord of the NBA Draft, who twat the following this morning:

Biyombo lands on Sunday in NY. Has a busy schedule ahead of him. Working out for Toronto on Monday. Going to Detroit. Meeting with Knicks.

The Knicks are hoping Biyombo drops to them at 17. That's unlikely, so they're exploring moving up. May have to jump ahead of Warriors at 11

Biyombo is a beguiling prospect. He's a tireless, viscous (yes, VISCOUS) defensive player, but not remotely soft of hand, as was made clear to us in this "hey, let's make Bismack Biyombo do all the things he sucks at and film it and put it on the internet" video from a few days ago. Here's video of Biyombo's conversation with Chad Ford, and here's the interview with Scott Howard-Cooper in which Biyombo declares that he will lead the league in rebounds and blocks. Kinda gives me chills. The guy boasts quite a few of the assets that I find most arousing: defensive focus, a hustler's mentality, limitless chutzpah, a weird accent, and a really fun name. Unfortunately, I'm not the only one with a basketboner.

As Givony explains, the Knicks' chances of drafting Biyombo hinge on either a timely dwindling of his draft stock (especially in the eyes of the Warriors, it seems) or an opportunity for New York to snaggle a lottery pick. Trading up is always a frightening prospect, and with the upcoming spate of workouts, Biyombo's perceived value might be headed in an inauspicious direction. Or maybe he'll find himself totally enamored upon meeting with the Knicks, poop his pants in all the other workouts, and fall to New York at 17. IT COULD HAPPEN.

While I see the value in an additional ballhandler or shooter, the possibility of drafting a big man that can defend and/or rebound is most intriguing to me, offense be damned. Biyombo and, to a lesser extent, Kenneth Faried strike me as excellent candidates to work backboard duty behind Amar'e Stoudemire. (Timeout to giggle at "behind" and "duty"). I'm not as intrigued by a more polished, less bangerific big guy like Donatas Motiejunas, who will also be in town this week. But that's just me.

Biyombo has been analyzed in these parts before, but I'm interested to hear everyone's thoughts with regards to this most recent rumor and with the draft just days away. Just general thoughts, really. About anything. What sort of player would you like, ideally? Which prospect intrigues you the most? What's your favorite melon? Have you ever eaten a canary melon? I ate one of those last night. Are you okay with that?