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Yesterday's Workout and Other Knicks Draft Rumors

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The Knicks staged an important albeit short game of 3-on-3 yesterday in Westchester, and both Alan Hahn and Marc Berman followed the event with pretty comprehensive pre-draft pieces. Here's Hahn's and here's Berman's, and here's some stuff I took away from both:

- Trading up, or at least trading actual players to move up, sounds less and less likely. I'm pretty happy to hear that, but it's just Tuesday.

- Nikola Vucevic, who was one of several in for a second workout yesterday, is perhaps the most realistic big man prospect on the board. I've come to like Vucevic and appreciate how he'd fit over the last few days (funny how actually reading about a guy will do that!) and it sounds as if he'll more than likely drop to the Knicks if they sit tight at 17. He's not as frighteningly athletic as some of the other bros, but he's big, can rebound, and has a pretty swanky set of go-to moves on offense. I certainly wouldn't be opposed.

- Darius Morris, according to both Berman and Hahn, is likely New York's favorite of the three point guardish people who were called back yesterday (the other two being Marshon Brooks and Josh Selby). This sort of makes me think that the Knicks want to/ought to just go big with their pick, unless...

- ...that lingering Toney Douglas (and cash) for Omri Casspi rumor amounts to anything. In that case, they'd be in desperate need of another point guard.

The rumor swamp will only get murkier and more difficult to traverse over the next 48 hours, but the fact of the matter remains that we'll emerge with some new toys this week, big or small. Excellent!