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What's next for the Knicks?

Possibly the last thing you'll see before you die. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Possibly the last thing you'll see before you die. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Unless there are Decisions to be made, July and August get pretty quiet around these parts. We'll find ways to entertain ourselves, (and I've got all sorts of ideas to keep this summer interesting) but the Knicks only occasionally provide new stories and discussion topics after the draft. With the lockout looming, (lockouts love to loom so hard) it's only going to be quieter. Without any basketball, or even player movement, we're liable to get stir-crazy with what's sitting in front of us. June's not even over, and we're talking about Josh Harrellson like he's the next Chamberlain*. Imagine how we'll be after a July absent of summer league and roster transactions! Come August, don't be surprised if I'm writing posts about Andy Rautins's favorite tooth whitening products from a lean-to I built on Glen Grunwald's patio. Naked, probably.

This post is actually supposed to be about how some stuff will happen this summer, lockout be damned. Oops. Let's get to that.

Whenever the lockout looms away, the Knicks might have a little cash to put towards resigning some of their own free agents (Shawne Williams, Shelden Williams, Anthony Carter, Jared Jeffries, and Roger Mason) and bringing in a new face. In an article from yesterday, Marc Berman suggests that those faces might sit atop large bodies and would likely be offered one-year contracts. Said large bodies could belong to Kwame Brown, Aaron Gray, or any of Kurt Thomas's faction of grizzled marauders (in the post-apocalyptic lockout environment, Kurt will don a hockey mask and command a roving gang of veteran free agent big men). So whenever free agency happens, expect the Knicks to be kindasorta active.

However, as Alan Hahn points out, the lockout does not restrict activity involving the front office and coaching staff. New York's most pressing need is a replacement for Donnie Walsh, who will officially step down on Thursday, June 30th. Thursday will be pretty busy, actually. It sounds as if the contracts of the entire assistant coaching staff and scouting department expire that day, so assembling new deals for all those bros will be on the agenda as well. I'd assume that all of those contracts will get renewed, but, well...I've learned never to make assumptions about James Dolan's money.

Finally, Hahn mentions that the lockout won't preclude Mike D'Antoni's search for a defensive assistant coach. Such a search isn't certain to take place, but it'll make for an interesting story to follow if it does. That would probably also have some effect on the stuff mentioned in the previous paragraph.

In summary: 1. We'll have to find new ways to entertain ourselves during the lockout, but I think we'll be okay. 2. If and when the lockout ends, the Knicks will likely dip their toesies into free agency. 3. Even during the lockout, there will be some business taking place. Woo!

*Neville, of course.