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Isola: Knicks Plan to Pursue Kurt Thomas

Marc Berman floated the idea on Monday of Kurt Thomas being one of several candidates for a one-year Knicks contract whenever there are contracts to be signed. The crazy-eyed vet (who, like I said, will lead a marauding gang of aging big men around the streets of the barren lockout landscape. You might get tasered by Tony Battie in the near future.) is a free agent once more after a decent season with the Bulls. Frank Isola follows up on that, citing a source who says the Knicks will, indeed, pursue Thomas and getting some words from the curt one himself:

"Everyone knows how I feel about the Knicks," said Thomas, who averaged 4.1 points and 5.8 rebounds in 22.7 minutes per game last season. "I have a lot of friends there. We'll see what happens. It's too early to say right now, especially since there might be a lockout. But I'm keeping myself ready because I want to keep playing."

Wait, do we all know how he feels about the Knicks? I'm not sure I do. I guess the answer would have unfolded a little differently if we were supposed to assume he hates his old team. Anyway, yeah, it'll be a long time until we know how feasible this is, but I certainly wouldn't be opposed. Last season, Thomas played in 52 game for the Bulls, started most of those, and shot, rebounded, and sweated on people at pretty much the same rate he always has, albeit at a career-low usage. If he comes at a reasonable price, I'd be perfectly happy for the Knicks to reel in the league's most venerable bro. Besides him being a childhood favorite and a relic of the last contending Knicks teams, he's still a serviceable enough big man that fits and could mentor guys like Josh Harrellson, Jerome Jordan, and, really, Amar'e Stoudemire and Ronny Turiaf, in the ways of curtness. Neat!

So, yeah, whenever the time comes...