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Monday and Tuesday Knicks Workouts

Just in case you missed 'em, here's who worked out for the Knicks today:

Knicks will continue pre-draft workouts today with the notable backcourt men, Duke point guard Nolan Smith and Butler's Shelvin Mack as a headliners. Maryland's small forward Jordan Williams also will attend.

Also joining in were Tennessee product Scotty Hopson and that bro who went to Israel, Jeremy Tyler.

Here's the lineup for tomorrow's workout in Westchester, via TKB's Tommy Dee:

Norris Cole, G, 6-2, 170, Cleveland State, senior

Gary Flowers, F, 6-8, 214, Southern Mississippi, senior

Josh Harrellson, F, 6-10, 275, Kentucky, senior

Demetri McCamey, G, 6-3, 205, Illinois, senior

Malcolm Thomas, F, 6-9, 220, San Diego State, senior

Nikola Vucevic, F, 6-10, 240, Southern California, junior

"Norris Cole" seems like a sure winner. His name reminds me of Moochie Norris and The Wire, which is a most pleasant experience. Also, Cleveland State is a renowned basketball powerhouse.