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Ridiculous Upside: Knicks to Partner with Erie Bayhawks

Here's a cool li'l bit of breaking news. My friend, colleague, and idol, Scott Schroeder (pronounced "SHRAY-der"!) just reported on Ridiculous Upside that the Knicks will enter into a "hybrid affiliation" with the Erie Bayhawks of the D-League. Here's how Scott explains it:

The Knicks will control the basketball operations of the team including hiring of the coaches as well as handling all player personnel matters while the BayHawks continue to focus on the business side of basketball of the team Erie, Pa.

Recall that the Knicks were once affiliated with the Springfield Armor, but the Nets went and gobbled that franchise up for themselves a while back. I think they were affiliated with the Reno Bighorns before that, which might explain why I have this size XL Reno Bighorns t-shirt.

This news is pretty cool, I think. New York has dipped into the D-League only occasionally over the years, and with little to show for it (well, unless you love Cheikh Samb as much as I do). This move seems to demonstrate a genuine interest in establishing some sort of farm system and preparing non-roster players for success in Mike D'Antoni's schemez. Guys like Andy Rautins, Jerome Jordan, and any second round/undrafted bros the Knicks scoop up might get some run for the Bayhawks.

Other things: 1. Erie is not as close to Osborn's house as I hoped. 2. A "Bayhawk", I've decided, is a cross between a bay cat and a goshawk. Neat! 3. We should totally get a massive group of P&T folks together and invade Louis J. Tullio Arena on a game night.

As of today, we are all Bayhawks.

Update: Alan Hahn reports that Allan Houston will be appointed as GM of the Bayhawks.

Another update: Also sounds like Jay Larranaga will continue coaching the Bayhawks, meaning it won't be one of the current Knick assistants or anything.