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Wednesday and Thursday Knicks Workouts

New York kept workin' dudes out today, and they've got some more prospects running tomorrow. Via TKB, here's today's list:

Corey Fisher, G, 6-1, 185, Villanova, senior

Andrew Goudelock, G, 6-3, 200, Charleston, senior

Matt Howard, 6-8, 230, Butler, senior

Delroy James, F, 6-8, 220, Rhode Island, senior

Carlton Scott, F, 6-8, 218, Notre Dame, senior

Trey Thompkins, F, 6-10, 245, Georgia, junior

Some familiar names and pubestaches, but mostly Bayhawk fodder. Tomorrow's lineup is a little sexier, if you're sexually aroused by basketball talent. The excellent Peter Casey just twat about it:

Knicks Pre-Draft Workouts for Thursday: Keith Benson, Mike Davis, Charles Jenkins, Iman Shumpert & Chris Singleton.

Singleton's the guy that some mocks have landing with the Knicks at 17. The rest aren't likely to crack the first round, but Shumpert's a ridickaliss athlete, Jenkins is a local friend, and Benson is a tall person of note. It doesn't matter all that much, but that's pretty light competition for Singleton. Davis (tall bloke from Illinois) is the only guy who really matches up, and he's projected to go undrafted. Whatever. Probably not worth reading into.

What y'all know about the folks mentioned above?