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Out of the Office

First of all, check out Alan Hahn's blog post from over the weekend (update: and this new hotness) on the Knicks' plans for the rest of the summer. Now, a bit on my own plans. For the first time in a while, I'm going to take a break from computin' and see some of the world. I leave for Amsterdam this evening, and I'll be hopping down to and around Southern Europe after that. With no summer league, no free agency rumors, and, well, no NBA, I figured the next two weeks would be as good a time as any to fly overseas. My post-graduate navel gazing needn't be confined to the States, ya feel me?

Meanwhile, you guys get to enjoy two weeks without my blathering. Gian and Osborn will be runnin' the front page and moderatin'. They'll stay on top of what little news there is and add in some other feature of their own. It'll be great!

I'll check in from abroad whenever is possible to read y'all's stuff. You'll probably see me in the comments or, if the mood strikes me, I might even post. If not, I'll see your sweet little faces in two weeks! Behave yourselves!