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Knicks Want Julyan Stone in Training Camp

This is a bit of old news but Hoopsworld spoke to Julyan Stone about his meeting with the Knicks prior to the lockout.

"I met with Donnie Walsh and Allan Houston," Stone told HOOPSWORLD. "I was able to talk to pretty much everyone within the organization. I talked to Mike D'Antoni for about a half hour. It was great and I got a really good feeling there. They want to win and basically they said that they have all the scorers they need. Now, they just need people who will play defense and they feel like what I do can help their team."

"They want me to come to training camp," he added. "They told me that there's going to be a lot of teams that want me to bring me in for training camp, but they said not to forget who wanted me first. They want me to talk to them before I make any decisions."

Of course, Stone is free to sign wherevs in the meantime as the lockout endures which complicates things.