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Amar'e Stoudemire's back is still sore

Amar'e Stoudemire is still feeling soreness in his back which he injured in the Playoffs.

Stoudemire said that while he can move and bend over fine, his back is still sore and it's slowly healing. In fact, the court is the last place you'll find him. Try the couch.

"Right now, all I can do is rest," Stoudemire said. "There's no rehab right now -- no cardio, no weightlifting, nothing. They say the best thing for me right now is another three weeks of rest, nothing else."

This is something that none of us want to hear about the team's $100M big man but anyone with back issues can tell you that they don't just go away after a week. I pulled something in my back in April and the soreness only went away over the last month or so (and believe me, all I do is chill).

Let's all find something for Amar'e to do whenever he's not chumming with celebrities over the next three weeks. Should we chip in for an Xbox Live account?