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Get to Know Glen Grunwald

If we weren't on day three of a lockout, Glen Grunwald would be busy as hell right now. The interim GM would probably be courting free agent big men, working to re-sign some of his own expiring bros, and assembling a summer league roster for Las Vegas later this month. With the work stoppage, though, the new guy in charge (at least for the time being) has pretty much nothing to do. How will we get to know him? Well, for one, this Howard Beck article from last week is helpful. For two, Alan Hahn wrote today about what little Grunwald has to do and the salary cap possibilities that stand before him once things get settled.

For three, take the jump.

Twelve Facts Regarding Glen Grunwald

1. This is Glen Grunwald:


2. "Glen" is short for "Glenwald".

3. Glen stands 6'9" in socks, 6"10.5" in sneakers, and 6'3" in quicksand.

4. According to Olive Garden archivists, Glen is the only individual in the restaurant's history to order capellini pomodoro "on the rocks".

5. Glen is, to date, the lone Indiana University undergraduate to earn a bachelor's degree in "Climbing Stuff".

6. Glen enjoys Eric Clapton, but only his live stuff.

7. Glen's proudest achievement is acquiring Vince Carter in a draft day trade. His biggest regret is hiring a practitioner of black magic to turn Alvin Williams into a fig.

8. Glen spends his weekends reading, swimming, and playing Canadian doubles against his springer spaniels, Melanie and Sharon.

9. Glen drives a 1994 Plymouth Voyager. It is turquoise with a gray cloth interior that smells like Chex.

10. Glen's post-retirement plans are to buy an RV and write "a chapter book".

11. Glen has never sent nor received a text message.

12. Glen once surprised Antonio Davis in the locker room after a game by wrestling him into submission and forcing four fingers into his mouth. According to Glen, "folks used to do this all the time at IU".

Those were facts about Glen Grunwald! Thanks for reading!