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Bill Walker is staying busy during the lockout.

Jim Cavan of Knickerblogger's report card on Bill Walker-- sorry, "Ball Wilker"-- inspired me to enjoy one of my favorite summertime activities: seeing what Bill Walker's up to. As always, the man stays busy.

Bill is considering repealing a flood response program in St. Albans, Vermont.

Bill Walker is the chair of the select board. He says the initial idea was to make it easier for people to make quick repairs to their property without going through what can be a bureaucratic process.

(Walker) "The reason behind this was that normally to do such things it's required that you go before the development review board and that process tends to be overly long for some of the simple things."

Bill is getting fed up with the school system in Clark County, Nevada.

"All that matters now is if kids are passing the test or not, and it’s pitted the teachers more than ever against the administration," Bill said. "Administrators are pressured to bring in test scores and raise graduation rates, and teachers are trying to enrich kids and prepare them for the future … You can hammer that test day in and day out, but nobody’s enriched."

Bill is a bit underwhelmed by a federal budget-cutting forum in Berkeley, California.

"This list should be almost six-, seven-, eight-hundred pages that we’re going through," Walker said. "And there are probably five to 40 dozen things that aren’t even in here that could cut two to three trillion easily."

Bill is coping with brush fires started by mischievous bottle rocketeers in Duck, North Carolina and mysterious circumstances in Bay Point, California. Bill is well aware of the perils of summertime weather.

"When it gets hot like this, you can deal with a lot of fires like this one," Walker said. "I'm a bit surprised we had only one today."

Bill and his public relations agency (who knew!?) are signing on to help with the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games.

"The Fleishman-Hillard team is extremely motivated and honoured to work on this project," said Walker. "The vision we share with TO2015 is for a truly transformational Games. People will have never seen a Pan Am Games as impactful as Toronto 2015, and we think that we’ll take this event to a whole new level of international recognition."

Bill sounds about ready to vote libertarian in Arkansas.

"It seems that broken down politicians and new deal day dreamers are too broadly cast to either left or right wing for me," says voter Bill Walker.

Bill is loving life as the executive director of the Utah Golf Association.

I love it. It's been exciting to be part of such a great organization. The golf community here is so strong along with the local professionals and amateur golfers, and that was one thing that appealed to me professionally. I wanted to be part of a strong organization in a strong golf community and I really found it here. It's been a great experience.

Bill Walker is everywhere, doing everything all the time. He cannot be stopped.