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Walt Frazier would like to feed you.

Yes, he'd like to feed you figs as you recline side-by-side in a beachfront hammock. That too. Mainly, though, Walt Frazier would like to feed you delicious meals and libations while you watch the Knicks and listen to his mellifluous calls. As such, he's opening a restaurant in Hell's Kitchen, just a few blocks from Madison Square Garden. From The Daily News:

The spot, which will be named "Clyde's," is slated for the ground floor space at 505 W. 37th St., the magazine reports.

Frazier's son, Walt Frazier III, told The Real Deal the eatery will be an upscale restaurant, sports bar and lounge, perfect for a pick-me-up before tip-off at the Garden.

The article includes a "chowing and devouring" quip, but I think we can go a bit further. For instance, I expect there to be some tables out front. To reserve one of them, you'll need to ask the maitre d' (referred to in this establishment as the "matador D") if you can "feast from outside". In the kitchen, you'll find chefs slicing and dicing potatoes, huffing and stuffing peppers, bedeviling eggs, percolating coffee, and inexplicably shaking loaves of bread before they bake them. It'll all be very...good. Perhaps we could have a P&T get-together there someday?

As a side note, I've returned from Europe! The trip was excellent and I've got plenty of stories and pictures to share (some of which I already put on Twitter). My sincerest thanks to Gian and Osborn for holding down the fort and keeping me from going insane during my two weeks away from the blog. Thanks to all of you who've been posting and commenting throughout this most bleak NBA summer as well. Programming will now resume as usual ("usual" being me babbling mindlessly about Walt Frazier's culinary endeavors.)