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The Round-Up From Last Night's Melo-Goodman Game

...featuring, of course, Carmelo Anthony. Roger Mason, too. In case you missed it (and I pretty much did), a bunch of b-ball buddies (b-buddies, if you will) from Carmelo Anthony's "Melo League" faced some D.C. b-buddies from the Goodman League for a friendly little match last night. A few thousand people showed up at Morgan State to watch Melo, LeBron James, Chris Paul, Josh Selby, and others take on Kevin Durant and some other people and Roger Mason. It sounds like it was a splendid evening, and you can see a few highlights here.

After the jump, a smattering of links from last night.

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Takeaways: Melo's elbow is feeling better, Melo's on board with plans to hold unofficial team workouts in early October, Melo hasn't been in touch with Amar'e Stoudemire much, green is not flattering on Melo.

Cool. Hey, was anybody actually at the game? Anything else to report?