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Team D is your new favorite basketball team.

For the next two weeks, the Impact Basketball Friends Fiesta in Las Vegas is your favorite basketball league and THIS is your favorite team (via TKB):

Team D
Chauncey Billups (week 2)
Iman Shumpert
Damon Jones
Roger Mason Jr
Jamaal Tinsley
Shawne Williams
Jermaine O'Neal

[Vomits.] Let's go Team D! The "(Week 2)" for Billups and absence of Josh Harrellson and Jared Jeffries can probably be attributed to the following:

However, according to the league's organizer, Joe Abunassar, the Knicks club will be shorthanded because Billups, Mason, Harrellson and Jeffries won't be showing up until Wednesday.

That doesn't exactly line up, but whatever. Hopefully when Jeffries and Harrellson do show up, they'll kick Jones and O'Neal off the squad. No matter what, we at Posting and Toasting are Team D fans 4 lyfe. Buy your officially licensed Team D apparel here. Also, our fan organization is called the "D-Bags". Act accordingly.