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Here's an update from Impact League regarding Iman Shumpert.

Day 3 of Impact League Basketsports Bonanza was yesterday, and while our own YuckFou couldn't make it, there still happened to be literate individuals in attendance to chronicle the triumphs of Iman Shumpert. One such individual was USA Today's J. Michael Falgoust, who twat updates from the game, totally unaware that he was arousing human males thousands of miles away. The tweets of note:

Iman Shumpert is draining the mid-range jumper over DeRozan. Good handle. Good elevation

Shumpert goes baseline, uses his body to shed DeRozan and hits another j.

Shumpert is the only guy playing defense on his team. Gets steal and dunk on pass to DeRozan

More like IMANpact League, am I right!? Mid-range jumpers! Defense! These are good newses, I think. It should be noted that, for all Shump's great defense, he (and others, I'd imagine) did allow DeMar DeRozan to score 35 points. Iman himself (which is a neat-sounding phrase) had 26 points and 6 rebounds in the win. Meanwhile, the other Knicks should be joining some point. He should at least get a chance to work with Chauncey Billups, who's supposed to show up next week and certainly won't miss something run by Joe Abunassar.

Anyway, cool. I'm trying very hard not to get overexcited about meaningless summer ball, but what else do we have? WHAT. ELSE. DO. WE. HAVE!?