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You can watch Carmelo Anthony play basketball tonight.

This evening there shall be a basketball game. It should include such illustrious basketball practitioners as LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, Ronald Murray, and our very own Carmelo Anthony. Anthony's "Team Melo" will go up against a bunch of guys representing the Philadelphia area in "The Battle for I-95". Word has it the winners will actually annex the interstate highway as their own supply route for goods and munitions and whatnot. Some others participating:

Tyreke Evans (Kings), Kyle Lowry (Rockets), Hakim Warrick (Suns), Lou Williams (Sixers), Wayne Ellington, Markieff (Suns) and Marcus Morris (Rockets), Jason Thompson (Kings) and Ronald Murray (ex-NBAer). (Timberwolves),

In other news, the world wide web allows you to watch live events just as if it were television. It's electric! The word is that (a website) will be "streaming" the event in its entirety. Tip-off is supposed to be around 6 PM. Perhaps you'd like to watch?

In the meantime, get those Knicktion submissions in! Today is the final day to submit, although I'm totally going to extend the deadline if I don't get a few more by today. <3