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Carmelo Anthony quietly got two surgeries this summer.

I didn't see any of it, so those of y'all who did can lend some detail, but it looks like Carmelo Anthony played pretty nicely in last night's Melo vs. Philly charity game. Not that anyone expected otherwise or especially cared, but it's nice to see that Anthony had 31 points and 17 rebounds in the loss, and reportedly looked sharp and in shape. He was also kind enough to give the visiting journalists a story after the game.

Turns out Melo got surgery (that article via Marc Berman. The above link is from Alan Hahn) to correct the bursitis in his right elbow that had bothered him throughout the end of last season. And while he was there, he also got arthroscopic surgery on his left knee...? From the Berman article:

"I did both of them," Anthony said. "They were bothering me seven years."

Anthony said the procedures came at the same time. The Post had reported in June that he was shut down in the offseason by the Knicks to rest his elbow bursititis, but Anthony had never complained about knee soreness.

Yeah, I don't recall hearing or seeing anything related to knee problems, although I'd imagine that pretty much everybody who's been playing basketball every day for a while could benefit from a little knee arthroscopy. Perhaps they were offering a buy-one-get-one-free for surgeries?

And how about the fact that the knee and elbow (I assume that's what he means by "they") have bugged him for seven years? That's almost his entire career! That means all these brilliant scoring nights and game-winners and whatnot have been conducted while injured! The best is yet to come! VIVA MELO! [Celebratory gunfire.]