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Video: Willis Reed Pitches Alka-Seltzer in 1971

A recent trip into the bowels of YouTube led me to this old, curiously unattended Willis Reed commercial from 1971. Why it only has 124 views right now (like twelve of which are mine) is beyond me, because this video has everything. In the lead, you've got Reed in a backwards jersey (?) pounding Alka-Seltzer because that perfect storm of rush hour traffic and a girl on his case about coming home late and getting his shit sent back by Wilt Chamberlain is giving him a headache and acid indigestion, man. Meanwhile, Dave DeBusschere (Update: Someone other than Dave DeBusschere) captivates in a supporting role as Reed's teammate, displaying the full range of emotions from "inquisitiveness" to "genuine dismay at the notion of acid indigestion" to "shame for being so insolently inquisitive". Y'all would know better than I about the extras, who I assume aren't real Knicks.

In any event, this is a gem. Take a look after the jump.