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Carmelo Anthony is an avid layer-upper, Toney Douglas is a never-dunker.

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Golden State of Mind's Evanz, in another feat of statistical excellence, collected and analyzed data to determine which NBA players were most and least prone to attempt (not necessarily make) certain inside shots, including dunks, lay-ups, tip-ins, and hooks. It's neat stuff and worth checking out in full. For our purposes, here's a quick rundown of how some Knicks stack up:

- Amar'e Stoudemire is 20th on the dunking list, averaging 2.26 dunks per 100 possessions. If they tracked "full-speed running push shots with contact" as a close shot metric, he'd top that list. If they added the qualifier "while screaming 'AND ONE!'", it wouldn't even be close.

- Neither Toney Douglas nor Chauncey Billups even attempted a dunk last year according to the list. Dunks are apparently not something Toney Douglas do. Therefore, dunks are not worth doing, so this whole exercise is pointless.

- Carmelo Anthony is the league's third most prolific layer-upper, though he only hits about half of those.

- Nobody on the Knicks is particularly prone to hook shots or tip-ins, which does not come as much of a surprise (though if they counted only tipped-in free throws, shit would get pretty Landry).

And now you've learned some things. Go tell your friends!